NOVAFiDELITY SUPPORT - Troubleshooting:

Difficulty connecting to your network (X10, X12, X30 X40)


Firstly, try the following:

  1. Make sure you are on the latest firmware version

  2. Try turning your Hub/Router off and on again


For further suggestions see below:

  1. Wired networks

  2. Wireless networks

1) Wired networks


i) Check that the LEDs on the Ethernet ports on the X-Series and your Hub light up when connected

  • There are 2 little lights (a green one and an orange one) on the Ethernet port on the X-Series and your router
  • Check that at least one of these is illuminated when you connect your X-Series to your Hub
  • If not this may indicate a hardware problem


ii) Try connecting another device (e.g. PC) to the router in the same way

  • If that works it suggests there may be a problem with your X-Series
  • If not it suggests the problem lies elsewhere
    • Try plugging it into a different ethernet port on your router
    • Try a different cable


iii) If using Powerline adaptors and it doesn't work try connecting the X-Series directly into the Router

  • If this works it suggests there may be an issue with your Powerline adaptors
  • You may wish to try connecting another device to your Powerline Adaptor to verify this

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2) Wireless networks


i) Check that the WiFi dongle is plugged in and working properly

  • Probably the easiest way to do this is to go SETUP->NETWORK and check whether the WIRELESS SETUP option is accessible
    • If the dongle is not connected or not working this will be greyed out and not accessible
    • If the dongle appears not to be working, try connecting it to a different USB port and wait 20 seconds before trying again
    • There should be a faint blue flashing light on the base of the dongle, this may also give you an indication of whether it's working


ii) If your network isn't listed under the AP List when going through Wireless Setup

  • If other networks are listed it suggests the X-Series is either out of range or there is a problem with your WiFi router
  • Try scanning for networks on another device (e.g. smartphone/tablet) 
  • Try moving the X-Series closer to your WiFi router to see if it picks up the network


iii) When I try to connect to it I get the error message Network Set Fail

  • You should not need to change any of the settings on the WIRELESS SETTINGS screen, except for the Password
  • Make sure you are entering the correct Wireless Security Key or Password
    • Try connecting to the same network from your smartphone or tablet to verify that the password is correct
    • Remember the password is case sensitive
      • to change the case of the text input use the CAP/NUM button on the remote
    • Check each letter as you enter it as it is displayed in the clear briefly before being masked
    • Make sure you are using the Wireless Access Key or Wireless Security key and not the router admin password which is sometimes also printed on the bottom/back of hubs
      • The admin password is used to log on to the router to change settings not to connect to the WiFi network

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