NOVafidelity Support - How to:
Add/SETUP a network share on your X10, X12, X30 or X40

Why would I need to do this?

You only need to add a Network Share if you wish to import, export, backup your music to/from another device (e.g. PC/NAS) on your network from the X10, X12, X30 or X40. It is not necessary to setup a network share if you just want to stream music to/from other devices and you can accessing the X10, X12, X30 and X40 from your PC without doing this as well.

Setting up a network share

  • Make sure your  X10, X12, X30 or X40 is connected to the network and the network services are enabled
  • Then go BROWSER -> NET -> ADD SHARE
  • Highlight the SERVER field and press OK on the remote to select the device (e.g. PC/NAS) you want to add
    • If you are unsure which workgroup the device is on, just cycle through them until you find it

Once you've selected the Device

  • Highlight the SHARE field and press OK on the remote to select the shared folder that you want to add
  • Leave the User Name as guest and the Password blank unless the shared folder requires authentication
  • You can change the Nickname to something meaningful
  • Select the OK at the bottom of the screen

To Access your Share on the X10, X12, X30 or X40

  • Go BROWSER -> NET and you will see it listed
  • Multiple shared folders can be added from the same device

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