Resolving Query Error ON the X10

If you 'Query Error' when you go into the Music DB on your X10 follow these steps 

Step 1: Check what's causing it

  • On the X10 BROWSER
    • If you see HDD1 - the problem is with the Music DB
      • Follow the instructions in step 2 below to resolve it and restore your Music DB
      • Note: It is unlikely that your music has been lost
  • If you see Not Found there is an issue with the hard-drive
    • This can be because:
      • there is no hard-drive in the X10
      • the hard-drive is not connected properly; or
      • the hard-drive is faulty
    • If the hard-drive appears to be connected properly we would recommend calling our support team

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Step 2: Fixing Problems with the Music DB

On your X10...

  • Make sure the X10 is on the latest firmware
    • The latest firmware release at time of writing is *.R1793 
    • If you need to upgrade the firmware you can find instructions here
  • Then go BROWSER -> HDD1 and check if there is a 'Recovery xx-xx-xx’ folder
  • If there isn't run recovery by going SETUP > MUSIC DB > RECOVERY

Once the Recovery procedure has finished, connect your X10 to your PC using the USB cable provided in the box

  • On your computer the X10 will appear as a local disk
  • Open the local disk that corresponds to the X10
  • Rename the '.DB' folder to 'Music'
  • Disconnect the USB cable from your PC (the X10 will exit USB mode)

Then on the X10...

  • Go BROWSER -> HDD1 and you should see ‘Recovery xx-xx-xx’ and 'Music' folders
  • Place the cursor on the ‘Recovery xx-xx-xx’ folder
  • Press MENU on the remote and select ‘Import to DB'
  • Next select 'Move' and then 'No' to using the folder name as the album name
  • Wait for the import to finish and then repeat the last four steps selecting the 'Music' folder instead of recovery

Your Music DB should be restored.

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