connect to the internet & enable network services (X10, X12, X30 & X40)

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on:

  1. Connecting to a wireless network (Wi-Fi)

  2. Connecting to a Wired network (Ethernet connection)

  3. Enabling the network services

Connecting your X10, X12, X30 or X40 to the internet allows you to:

  • Listen to internet radio and on demand content (e.g. BBC)
  • Download album artwork and access the latest album/track information when ripping CDs
  • Stream music to or from other devices on your network (including Android and iOS smartphones & tablets)
  • Control your X10, X12, X30 and X40 with a smartphone or tablet (via the web interface or Apps)
  • Import/export/Backup to/from a PC or NAS drive over your network

1) Connecting to a wireless network (Wi-Fi)

  • Plug-in the USB Wi-Fi Dongle (supplied separately by our Stockists)
  • Select your network
  • Enter your Wireless Security code in the PASSWORD field
    • The wireless secrutiy code can generally be found on the bottom of your Router is case sensitive
  • Scroll down and select 'OK'
  • To check that you are connected go SETUP->NETWORK->NETWORK INFO

2) Connecting to a Wired network (Ethernet connection)

  • Simply connect your X10, X12, X30 or X40 to your router with an Ethernet cable and it will automatically connect
  • To check that you are connected go SETUP->NETWORK->NETWORK INFO

Note: if you are on an old version of the firmware you may need to go SETUP->NETWORK->WIRLESS SETUP

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3) ENABLING the network services


  • Then select SAMBA SERVER, WEB SERVER, UPnP SERVER and FTP SERVER in turn and make sure the red tick is next to “On”.
  • Restart the X10, X12, X30 or X40 to ensure the changes take full effect.

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Trouble shooting a Wireless Connection

If you are having difficulty in connecting to your Wi-Fi network, here are a few things to try

    • NOTE: the wireless key or security code is case sensitve
    • You should be able to find it on the back of your Wi-Fi hub contact whoever set it up for you if not
    • You are looking for the wireless key not the administrator password
    • Below if the Security setting shows WEP or WEP64 you will need to change the security setting on your HUB to WPA2-PSK.  The X10/30 does not work with WEP.   For help changing settings on your hub please contact the organisation that supplied it.
  • Give The X10/30 a moment to connect and it will display the Network Info screen, confirm with “OK" and you should be connected.