The Ear NOVAFiDELITY X12 Review

Jason Kennedy at the Ear reviews the NOVFiDELITY X12

Want a streamer but don't want get involved with networks and separates? Novafidelity's X12 is about the least expensive answer on the market.

... its combination of features is pretty well impossible to beat at the price, and it’s a very compact unit too which is always popular. So long as you choose sympathetic and easy to drive speakers and don’t expect it to outgun a separates system it has a lot to offer. If you want a one stop streaming solution or a system for a dining room or bedroom it’s a very inexpensive buy with similar sound quality to a Sonos if not such a nice interface. The lack of a dedicated app reduces its overall appeal but this off course means you don’t need a smartphone or tablet. In a way it’s streaming for those that want to avoid computers, and I suspect that there is quite a big market for that.

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