HiFi Choice NOVAFiDELITY X12 Review - 4.5* Recommended

HiFi Choice review the NOVAFiDELITY X12

 With streaming and networked music growing at such a fast pace the need for a component to satisfy your multi-format needs – offering a high degree of versatility and meeting all of our music demands – is becoming increasingly popular and models like the exceptionally petite Novafidelity X12 are rising to the challenge and changing our preconceptions of the ‘one box does all’ music system.


The X12 is an extremely flexible component and has to be praised for the way it successfully brings together many different source elements and delivers music to a pair of speakers in such an enjoyable way. It’s not trying to appeal to those seeking a main music system, but as
a second-room setup there’s plenty to enjoy, and Novafidelity should be applauded for pulling off such versatility in a compact and well-built system at the price


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