Gramophone X30 reviews the Cocktail Audio X30



A hard-disk player amplifier network music server, internet radio and more

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The X3O is simple both to set up and to use. via a logical interface on its own display or a TV screen, or indeed a computer screen. IJsing this, you can access the most-used functions quickly and easily after only a short period of familiarisation, Or you could try... or dig deeper into the menus to make fine adjustments. Having lived with the X30 for a while now, using it both via its internal amplification and as a linelevel source inro my usual reference system, I can safely say this is one of the more enjoyable products I've encountered in recent times. Using the internal amplification it's more than capable of driving a wide range of speakers, from'bookshelfl designs to the likes of the B&W 684 52, to very good effect.

One of the problems when it comes to comparing the Cocktail Audio X3O with its immediate rivals is that there really aren't any! There's nothing quite like it for this kind of price: some products offer some of its features, but not all, and none are as flexible. And that's before you get to the X3O's ease of use and performance...