Sunday Mail Feature - Cocktail Audio X10

Hot Cocktail is solution to oversized CD collection

cocktail audio x10 sunday mail.jpg

My husband and I are music obsessed. Our huge CD collection has taken over our living room. Is there a neat solution? We’re looking for a new stereo and wondered if there was some electronic method of keeping them all together.

The Cocktail Audio X10 1TB is just what you need – and you don’t even have to use a computer to put your music on it. It’s a hi-fi system that automatically rips CDs on to its internal hard drive. It will hold up to 15,000 albums so your collection should fit no problem. It also connects wirelessly to the internet for streaming. I want one of these myself – I honestly can’t think of a better way to store a large CD collection. The sound is incredible too, especially with the optional matching speakers, but other speakers will work just fine too. It costs £459 from www.advancedmp