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The perfect gadget for all your music needs...

Tuesday, Oct 8 2013 WRITTEN BY Michaela Walters

The Cocktail Audio X10 is the ultimate Christmas gift for music lovers!


This clever little digital audio system is small enough to fit on a bookshelf, yet has a hard drive big enough to store thousands of CDs. 

Essentially, the Cocktail Audio X10 is a digital audio system that rolls all your musical needs into one. It features CD storage, music streamer, Internet radio and lets not forget the oldies (but goodies) in your loft from vinyl and cassettes, as it'll happily take those too. 

And if you thought it couldn't get fancier than that, the devise has a built-in web app, so you can view and organise music from your smartphone, PC or tablet – plus you can even use your smartphone as a remote control!


It's the perfect gift for techy music lovers that are currently in a Cd/ cassette/ smartphone/ tablet chaotic mess! 

Starting at £379.95 (including VAT and free delivery) the Cocktail Audio X10 is one to save up for, but you'll wonder how you ever lived without it once you get your hands on one!