HiFi World NOVAFiDELITY X40 Review - 5* 0UTSTANDING Amongst the best.

HiFi World Reviews the NOVAFiDELITY X40

[The] NOVAFiDELITY X40 could be just the perfect front-end for your system.

The X40 is one of the most fully-featured, thoroughly musical and satisfying components out there at the moment.

The X30 impressed us - but the X40 takes things to another level. Chiefly this is down to an upgraded power supply and the use of the Sabre32 DAC - which brings a new level of resolution and clarity to the sound.

Loadinq a DSD download of the San Francisco Symphony's 'Mahler No 1' onto the hard disk and the atmosphere, sheer strength of the orchestra and overall musical punch is eerie

[It] is easily capable of being matched with amplifiers and loudspeakers costing a lot more than its asking price.Which, all in all, makes it a bit of a bargain.

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The Ear NOVAFiDELITY X12 Review

Jason Kennedy at the Ear reviews the NOVFiDELITY X12

Want a streamer but don't want get involved with networks and separates? Novafidelity's X12 is about the least expensive answer on the market.

... its combination of features is pretty well impossible to beat at the price, and it’s a very compact unit too which is always popular. So long as you choose sympathetic and easy to drive speakers and don’t expect it to outgun a separates system it has a lot to offer. If you want a one stop streaming solution or a system for a dining room or bedroom it’s a very inexpensive buy with similar sound quality to a Sonos if not such a nice interface. The lack of a dedicated app reduces its overall appeal but this off course means you don’t need a smartphone or tablet. In a way it’s streaming for those that want to avoid computers, and I suspect that there is quite a big market for that.

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HiFi Choice NOVAFiDELITY X12 Review - 4.5* Recommended

HiFi Choice review the NOVAFiDELITY X12

 With streaming and networked music growing at such a fast pace the need for a component to satisfy your multi-format needs – offering a high degree of versatility and meeting all of our music demands – is becoming increasingly popular and models like the exceptionally petite Novafidelity X12 are rising to the challenge and changing our preconceptions of the ‘one box does all’ music system.


The X12 is an extremely flexible component and has to be praised for the way it successfully brings together many different source elements and delivers music to a pair of speakers in such an enjoyable way. It’s not trying to appeal to those seeking a main music system, but as
a second-room setup there’s plenty to enjoy, and Novafidelity should be applauded for pulling off such versatility in a compact and well-built system at the price


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inearspace Cocktail Audio X30 & X10 Review

inearspace review the Cocktail Audio X30 and X10

“Cocktail Audio X10 and X30 All in One HiFi System Review - Yes Sir, it Does Do That."

"I am not quite sure were too start with these devices because they both do a lot, they can easily take care of ALL of your audio needs within your house making all other components obsolete with an extreme range of features.”

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HI-FI WORLD Cocktail Audio x30 Review – 5* “Outstanding – Amongst the Best”

Verdict: Impressively versatile amplifier/streamer/music server that combines fine sound with intuitive operation. Recent price cut makes it even better value for money


  • Ease of use
  • Excellent ripping options
  • Clean, clear sound
  • Ability to record vinyl & Radio


  • No dedicated smartphone App

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Gramophone X30 reviews the Cocktail Audio X30



A hard-disk player amplifier network music server, internet radio and more

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The X3O is simple both to set up and to use. via a logical interface on its own display or a TV screen, or indeed a computer screen. IJsing this, you can access the most-used functions quickly and easily after only a short period of familiarisation, Or you could try... or dig deeper into the menus to make fine adjustments. Having lived with the X30 for a while now, using it both via its internal amplification and as a linelevel source inro my usual reference system, I can safely say this is one of the more enjoyable products I've encountered in recent times. Using the internal amplification it's more than capable of driving a wide range of speakers, from'bookshelfl designs to the likes of the B&W 684 52, to very good effect.

One of the problems when it comes to comparing the Cocktail Audio X3O with its immediate rivals is that there really aren't any! There's nothing quite like it for this kind of price: some products offer some of its features, but not all, and none are as flexible. And that's before you get to the X3O's ease of use and performance...


Forward Magazine - Cocktail Audio X10 Technology Feature

Happy Listening

Having been a tetraplegic for more than 50 years, l'm always on the lookout for gadgets or new pieces of kit to make my life easier; especially as the ageing process takes its toll.

We are rediscovering music that we didn't know we still had and have even come across a few CDs we don't even remember buying, showing that the ageing process isn't just about physical deterioration. So if you have an unwieldy and inaccessible music collection, it's well worth checking out the cocktail X10.

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Audio Editor of Gramophone Magazine, Andrew Everard, reviews the Cocktail Audio X30

Andrew Everard, Audio Editor of Gramophone Magazine (the world’s longest-established classical music magazine reviews the Cocktail Audio X30.

Slimline casework hides a real Swiss Army Knife hi-fi component: hard-disk player, amplifier, network music server/player, Internet radio and more

[The] X30 [is] 'Complex, not complicated - Yet it carries its amazing flexibility extremely lightly, being simple to use via a logical interface' 

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Hi-Fi Choice Review Magazine Reviews Cocktail Audio X30 Music Server System £999

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine, which has been at the forefront of audiophile journalism for over thirty five years, reviews the Cocktail Audio X30.

The Verdict - 4.5 Stars and awarded Hifi Choice Recommendation

Well served All-in-one systems may not be the usual route to hi-fi nirvana, but Lee Dunkley discovers a potent mix with the X30 with the times to a less tangible music playback system.

Conclusion: The X30 is a flexible one-box solution. There are some operational glitches and idiosyncrasies that will no doubt be tackled in later firmware updates, and a dedicated remote interface is planned for iDevices. It plays hi-res music files up to 24/192kHz from a network and has plentiful storage options, making the X30 one of the most versatile hubs around!

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Uncut Magazine - Win a Cocktail Audio X10

Uncut Crossword - Win a Cocktail Audio X10 sound system worth more than £400

The revolutionary Cocktail audio X10 digital sound system has a powerful hard drive that means it can record and store up to 7,500 CDs ready to play back at the touch of a button. It has a full colour 3.5-inch display that makes it simple to navigate its numerous functions, view album artwork and arrange music by genre, artist, album and discography via this interface.  The X10 is also an internet radio and music streamer.

The Cocktail Audio X10 starts at £379.95 and is available at www.sygnifi.co.uk.

NB The prize includes wi-fi dongle worth £29.

Cocktail Audio X10 uncut magaizine crossword prize

How it works Magazine: Group Test - Network Audio Players Cocktail Audio X30 Review

Group Test: Network audio players

The Veridct: 5 stars and awarded Editor's Choice Award

Cocktail Audio X30

Sync all your audio needs with a home network using these cutting-edge machines built to amp up your media

Price: from £879/$N/A

Get it from: www.cocktail-audio.co.uk

Cocktail’s ‘Big Brother’ to its older X10 strikes the balance between price and features of this HIW lineup. This hi-tech piece of kit is both an HD music server and network streamer, with integrated CD-ripping and a power amplifier with 50W per channel – more or less all your music-playing needs contained in a single box. To compete at this price level, the X30 supports high-resolution, 24-bit music files and gapless playback. Its capacity as music server is its standout feature though. It supports hard-disk drives up to 4TB or 500GB of solid-state drive, allowing you to record audio from older media – vinyl or cassette, for example, which means you can archive your music. It costs more than your average streamer but for the quality, ease of use and features, the X30 offers the most value for money in our opinion.

How It Works Magazine reviews the Cocktail Audio X10

Cocktail Audio X10 (500GB)

Verdict: 4 stars

Get it from: www.sygnifi.co.uk

Supporting a vast range of file formats - including the handy FLAC and WAV varieties - the Cocktail Audio X10 hi-fi,/ media streamer is a really tidy piece of kit. lt is capable of ripping and then storing up to 7,500 CDs'worth of content to its 50OGB internal hard drive (although 1TB/2TB versions are available for more cash). You can then stream and copy those files across a home network for dynamic playback. Essentially the X10 acts as a compact hub in which a user's entire audio collection can be stored. With a clear interface and variety of inputs, as well as the ability to listen to internet radio, it's hard to argue with the price

BBC Music Magazine Reviews the X10

The best kit to get the most from the Web

Cocktail Audio X10 (500GB)

The Verdict: 4-stars

A great all-rounder, the Cocktail Audio Xl0 is designed to play CDs, and rip and store them in a range of formats on its 500GB hard drive. lt will also copy and play music from other devices via USB, stream music via Wi-Fi, and comes with internet radio. It  won't support lossless Apple files, but it will play hi-res formats such as FLAC. Just attach speakers or, connect to your existing hi-fi, and you're away.

Sunday Mail Feature - Cocktail Audio X10

Hot Cocktail is solution to oversized CD collection

cocktail audio x10 sunday mail.jpg

My husband and I are music obsessed. Our huge CD collection has taken over our living room. Is there a neat solution? We’re looking for a new stereo and wondered if there was some electronic method of keeping them all together.

The Cocktail Audio X10 1TB is just what you need – and you don’t even have to use a computer to put your music on it. It’s a hi-fi system that automatically rips CDs on to its internal hard drive. It will hold up to 15,000 albums so your collection should fit no problem. It also connects wirelessly to the internet for streaming. I want one of these myself – I honestly can’t think of a better way to store a large CD collection. The sound is incredible too, especially with the optional matching speakers, but other speakers will work just fine too. It costs £459 from www.advancedmp 3players.co.uk